wholesale jerseys Three Rivers Assembly • Our History • A Church in Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Our History

Three Rivers Assembly of God was originally birthed as Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship, an independent, non-denominational, multicultural church.  Founding Pastors William A. Logsdon and Gene A. Madia conducted the first service on Sunday morning, May 26, 1985, in the Comfort Inn, formally the Harley Hotel of Penn Hills.  Articles of Incorporation were approved by the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in September 1985.  As the congregation grew over the years, it eventually became necessary for the church to move the worship services from a small conference room to the hotel ballroom.  We also monopolized the majority of the hotel’s Hospitality Rooms each Sunday morning for Sunday School classes and a nursery.

When Easter arrived in April 1990, the congregation of Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship was informed by the hotel staff that there was simply “no room in the inn.”   We prayed and sought the Lord, and He graciously led us to the Trinity Christian School in Forest Hills.  The church rented the school auditorium for worship services and refurbished a wing of classrooms to serve as Sunday School classes and a nursery. 

After serving the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh as a port-a-church for several years, the leadership and congregation yearned for a place to call home.  While moving forward toward this goal, however, the church experienced what could have been a major setback.  On December 7, 1991, the hot-water steam pipe, located directly above the Trinity Christian School storage room where the total of Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship’s possessions were stored, failed.  As a result, thousands of gallons of steam temperature water plunged through the storage room, destroying the contents in full, including musical instruments, an eight-channel sound board, microphones and other sound equipment, and several beautiful banners among other valuables.  Moreover, the basement classrooms that the church had refurbished also experienced extensive damage.  In short, everything that was required to transform a stark and barren auditorium into a warm and inviting worship center was severely damaged, and Sunday School rooms were now unusable. 

The Lord challenged us, however, that if we would simply count it all joy, He would turn this setback into a blessing.  When the insurance settlement finally arrived several months later, we were surprised and delighted to learn that, thanks to the value of this professional video equipment, we now had sufficient finances to cover a small down-payment on our own building.  By God’s strength we had indeed counted our setback as joy, and in response the Lord had turned a tragedy into a blessing.  Surely God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Following several months of negotiation and much prayer, on November 13, 1992, Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship purchased the former Junior Achievement Of Southwest Pennsylvania facility.  We held the first church service in our own sanctuary on December 6, 1992; the building was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ on June 13, 1993 in celebration of our eighth anniversary.  In keeping with the scriptural meaning of the number eight, the Lord had promised us that our eighth year as a church would be a year of “new beginnings.”  Surely our Lord’s promises are faithful and true.  The Lord had used a devastating flood to provide the church with a building of our own.  Praise be to the Lord.

Recognizing the danger of “Lone Ranger” type works and our need for fellowship and accountability, on March 8, 1996, the congregation of Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship voted to formally affiliate with both the Network of Christian Churches (NCC) and the Assemblies of God. Once our affiliation and a formal accountability structure was in place, Senior Pastor William Logsdon willingly gave up his ordination through Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship and began the process of seeking ordination through the Assemblies Of God.  Pastor Logsdon obtained his License to Preach from the Assemblies in January, 1999, and received his Certificate of Ordination on May 8, 2002.

Shortly thereafter, on June 6, 2002, the congregation voted unanimously to approve the Constitution and Bylaws of Three Rivers Assembly of God.  On June 17, 2002, Three Rivers Assembly of God was officially recognized as a church affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, with all the privileges and responsibilities as provided by the Pennsylvania-Delaware District Council and the General Council of the Assemblies of God.  Our first worship service as an affiliated Assembly of God church was held on October 6, 2002.  Three Rivers Assembly of God now enjoys the doctrinal and theological stability associated with the Assemblies of God as well as the flexibility inherent with being a part of the Network of Christian Churches.